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We are aware of the increasing scarcity of energy, minerals and raw materials and our impact on ecosystems and take responsible actions. That is why we have established a sustainable relationship with our surroundings, the environment and humans.

We strive to ensure wehlers 5Rs Philosophy:

1. Respect the resources and environment – consume wisely. Give every purchase a good thought and buy the best furniture available. Also, local Danish family owned businesses manufacture wehlers furniture. Purchasing wehlers furniture supports the families and helps them stay in business for generations.

2. Reuse when you can. Wehlers reuses materials in making furniture. Don’t get rid of anything too easily. Maybe you just need a change? Wehlers encourages swapping your furniture with other wehlers customers. See the opportunities at:

3. Repair – fix what is broken. Repair your furniture. New upholstery, spare parts and technical drawings are available to extend the use of your wehlers furniture. Need some help repairing you wehlers products? See how we can handle this together.

4. Recycle when everything else fails. Wehlers has created an outstanding and comprehensive furniture recycling system. Passing valuable resources to another user and a decent goodbye to your belongings. We’ll take care of recycling wehlers furniture – all you have to do is to return it to selected retailers or at Wehlers, and all materials are recycled for new furniture. Foam, wood, textile, steel – all of it.

5. Remember the future generations, the environment & conscious consumption. Your wehlers purchase is a powerful decision.

By developing and applying the 5R's wehlers offers our customers a chance to avoid rapid wasting by repairing and reusing wehlers furniture.

The wehlers team puts a lot of effort into supporting you in sustainable lifestyle by giving you the sustainable furniture alternative. To obtain products with the highest quality and to reduce our impact on environment we are constantly searching for better materials, better methods, better equipment, and better solutions.