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About the founders

“Actually we don’t think the world needs more designed furniture. However, we do think that it needs more options for conscious consumption. The result is Wehlers furniture for good. We founded the company to be the positive change we wish to see in the world. For the sake of our children and their children. Our place in history depends on the choices we make”

– Maria & Henrik, founders of Wehlers 

To us the main reason for a sustainable lifestyle is the hope that our children will receive a better planet. We raise them to take care of the planet and to respect other people. Avoid single use, buy decent things, use them, keep them. Reuse them, recycle, repair, and always remember about next generations.

- Avoid single use and junk made in China.

Why are we in the business? It is more a question of: what do we want for our family and how can we make it happen? We look upon wehlers as a place where, together with the team of dedicated people, we can develop the sustainable models that will also work for others – and make them accessible. We want to educate and support our clients in sustainable lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to offer sustainable furniture to the conscious consumer who refuses to compromise on design and quality.

Wehlers story starts in Copenhagen – World’s most livable city and the capital of the World’s happiest nation. Here the well-functioning city offers its creative and supportive atmosphere to everyone trying to develop something interesting, and make it work. We truly believe that Wehlers will work not only for the local benefit, but also become a movement influencing the whole industry in a shift towards a more sustainable future. To make furniture for good. To leave this planet a better place for our children, and their children.

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