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Our Story

Our mission: Sustainable design furniture.

Designed, crafted & recycled in Denmark - for the World to enjoy

You can be sure that we are excited every time we see a customer being involved with the Wehlers brand. When this happends we a doing less harm to the environment by the use of recycled materials, and the Wehlers eco-system that has been developed. Wehlers accepts all furniture back for recycling after use via the eco-system. All materials go back for upcycling, and is used for making new Wehlers furniture in a closed loop.

Above all we value 4 core qualities, which explain why we do business the way we do and guide us in decision-making:

1. Honest company

At Wehlers we are honest about the business we conduct and the impact we have on the environment. Honesty to us means that we do what we say, and say what we do.
This is the reason that we share business information and strive to be as transparent as possible.

We provide transparent product and business information. Wehlers informs about the good as well as the bad that shall be improved.
This provides all stakeholders an opportunity to understand how sustainable we are so we can honestly use “sustainability” in our vocabulary & communication.

2. Ambitious resource responsibility

Wehlers wants to make the world a better place for all, our children, as well as our children’s children. At the same time, we do not believe in stopping consumption.
Our ambition is to change the way we design, consume and think about resources, and explore ways to return resources that we have used.

For every purchase Wehers re-establishes ressources. 1% of every purchase goes back to nature.

3. Intelligent design

Design is the center of Wehlers. Skillful designers create our furniture and products. The designs are made intelligently to support the circular economy in a product-eco system.

This means that we guide our designers, our manufacturers and our customers to become more sustainable.

As an example we have crafted a life-cycle-system in which customers can repair, reuse, recycle, respect and remember the wehlers products by returning, swapping or repairing furniture.

4. Responsible business

Responsibility is the core of our business.

Our products, services and business model are focused on ensuring low amount of environmental impact.
This is our vision, and drives us to conduct a responsible business that is good for profits, planet and people. The tripple buttom line.

Wehlers gives environment and people a “veto right” in our business model. We only design, produce and distribute products that have passed a unique sustainability classification.
We monitor and develop our supply network with similar standards