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Returns & Repairs


Good news everyone! Repairing is not only good for the Planet's ressources, but also for you! It gives you satisfaction, self-confidence and teaches you new, helpful skills. Any troubles repairing by yourself? We are here, more than happy to help you. Contact us and we will solve this together! 

Note that technical drawigns for local repairs are available upon request, and local upholstery shops are familiar with Wehlers furniture, and can get templates too. Just shout we are here to help, and happy to share.


Let’s be honest, everyone can get bored about his or her stuff. The great thing is that we can help eachother. We invite you to try our Facebook group: - invented for everyone who wants to inspire or be inspired to a sustainable way of dealing with furniture - to swap and sell Wehlers items - Good luck.


Ok, so you’re saying that you don’t want to have piece of Wehlers furniture any more. It’s very old, very tatty and it holds no sentimental value to you. Please just don’t throw it away! It can still be disassembled and the materials might be reused, upcycled or recycled. Trhu our trusted retailers we will take good care of it. Return it there to optain a discount on buying a new Wehlers item, and please do email us at sharing a photo. Or share this at out social media, and be proud that you’ve saved one item from ending its life on a landfill!

Not all people care. You do. You bad ass - Thank you.


NEW items returns:

Best if you neighbour wants to own the item?

You are welcome to return any item purchased within 30 days - No questions asked

Best for us is returned items in an unbroken Wehlers box. Please state Name, email & order number with the bow

The small letters: Any personalized item cannot be accepted back, unless we agree beforehand